Signature designs created in-house

The creation process

We pride ourselves in creating designs that are authentic and crafted with quality and care

As jewellery specialists, we take inspiration from colour, nature, art, people and history. We love creating pieces that are individual to you and our Colour Coordinators will guide you to selecting pieces that you'll fall in love with.




Bringing concepts and inspirations to realisation on paper. Working with you to create something special.


Crafting & manufacture

Craftsmen, traditionally known as karigars take the paper designs and begin the process of creating a master which then goes through a process of casting in wax, polishing, plating and stone setting.



We treat these pieces like gold - evident in the way we love to present them  and offer you an experience to cherish as you try on your jewels for the very first time...


tell your story

Feel special on your big day as a Bees Bride. As a new chapter begins, we know the heritage of your Bees jewellery will remain timeless...